Rehabilitation With Bets and Wedding Dresses

Rehabilitation With Bets and Wedding Dresses

A gambler from Naples tries to curb his wagering in light of the fact that his daughter is getting married in Bets and Wedding Dresses. Franco is the head of the Campanella family, investing a little too much money too often in various games of chance, and the film explores the ramifications his hobby has for those he cares for. The family is saving for Luisa’s wedding, but the patriarch’s predilection for gambling puts this in jeopardy.

Critical Reception for Bets and Wedding Dresses

Critics have been divided on Bets and Wedding Dresses – Tris di Donne e Abiti Nuziali in its original language. Vincenzo Terracciano’s directing is more than adequate in this reviewer’s opinion, however, and most of the reviews I have come across seem more concerned with cleverly inserting metaphors that play off the title than giving an honest appraisal of what the film has to offer. It manages to convey its story without being patronising or heavy-handed, and immerses the viewer in a world Terracciano manages to create flawlessly.

Sergio Castellito and Martina Gedeck head up a family dealing with problems of cash flow, largely caused by Dad’s addition to gambling at River Belle Casino in Canada. While the father figure adores his family, this hobby has caused a host of problems for them over the years, and a lot of scraping by and making do has been required. This becomes even more of a problem when the head of the household retires however, since he now has more time on his hands and enjoys spending even more of it in pursuit of Lady Luck. His daughter, under the impression that there is enough money put aside for her to be able to plan and have the wedding of her dreams, soon has to put these fancies to bed, and face the harsh reality of their dire financial straits. His wife and son, although caring for him deeply, both declare that they have reached the end of their tether, and set to task taking control of the situation in a very interesting manner.

Great Acting in Bets and Wedding Dresses

Bets and Wedding Dresses has a number of extraordinary actors involved in it, with Sergio Castellito being one of Italy’s finest and Martina Gedeck more than able to hold her own with him. The storyline; dialogue; emotions and overall feel for Bets and Wedding Dresses are very realistic ones, and it is not difficult for the audience to be brought in to believe in the bittersweet connections this family tries to forge with one another.

Bets and Wedding Dresses puts a human face on the sometimes very depressing world of betting, and manages to keep it just light-hearted enough to sink home without getting too dreary for the viewer to endure. Finely crafted acting matches an interesting plot line and innovative interpretation, and viewers will be thoroughly entertained at the same time as being informed as to the take-no-prisoners aspect of an over-indulgence in games of chance.