How Live Dealer Games Work Explained

How Live Dealer Games Work Explained

Live Dealer online casino games are some of the most cutting-edge technology in the modern online world. It is possible, with a fast enough internet speed, to connect to a live broadcast, involving a real dealer, and bet on a casino game as it happens.

But how does it all work? Is it safe? Are the feeds really live? Most important of all; how can you start playing right now?

Broadcast Studios

As would be expected, Live Dealer casino games take place in broadcast studios around the world. Yes, it is indeed live, and the feed is direct from the studio, straight to your desktop computer, mobile phone, or other device. The broadcasts are set up with professional croupiers, camera crews, and other technically proficient people. Once the broadcast starts, all goes according to a strict set of rules.

A pit boss is even on hand for every moment of the broadcast, ensuring that everything is above board, and that no disputes go unresolved. The croupier handles the game as he or she would in any casino around the world, with every step done according to the official guidelines.

As the casino game is captured via camera, it is processed, and broadcast to viewers. There is, of course, a separate level of technicality handling the betting side of the operation.

How Can You Watch?

It is possible to watch, and participate in Live Dealer games simply by making an account at any online casino that offers the service. Once an account has been made, the broadcasts can be viewed, and bets can be placed.

But there are some requirements in order for the service to operate correctly. Since live video can be demanding, it is necessary for a viewer to have a fast enough internet connection. It is recommended that at least a 5 – 8 Mbps connection speed be used, if wanting to watch the video in at least a 720p quality.

Though it is possible at most online casinos to lower the video quality, for a slower connection. This is up to the viewer, though, as casinos recommend at least a 720p resolution in order for the experience to be optimal.

How Does Betting Work?

The exact process of placing a bet depends on the online casino, and the specific game involved. Though the user interface will be intuitive, and bets will be placed exactly as they would any other online casino game. The croupier will announce when bets may or may not be placed, and will also declare if any big wins have been achieved.

Keep in mind that special betting options may be offered, also depending on the specific online casino. If you are interested in these options, or are unsure how they work, more information will be provided by the site. For the most part, however, everything will go according to the known, widely accepted casino rules of the known game.

More details or help will also be available from your chosen online casino’s customer support centre.