Top Tips for All Blacks Betting

Top Tips for All Blacks Betting

The All Blacks are officially known as the New Zealand National Rugby Union Team and this team represents New Zealand in the men’s rugby union.  Rugby is considered New Zealand’s national sport and the All Blacks have won two world cups in 2011 and 2015.

Their track record is excellent and they have only lost six games of the 19 nations they have played against in test matches.  The All Blacks compete against countries such as Argentina, Australia and South Africa in the Rugby Championship and they have been the winners of the trophy fourteen times since the competition began 21 years ago.

They are probably best known for the Hakka, a Maori dance that is done before each of their matches.

Betting on the All Blacks is a favourite pastime not only for New Zealanders, but globally as the All Blacks have fans all around the world.

Types of Rugby Bets

There are a wide variety of rugby bets and punters will do themselves a favour by learning more about how each bet works and how to go about placing these bets.  Australian betting on the All Blacks is the easiest and most convenient way to place a bet.

Some of the popular bets include betting on the All Blacks to be the outright winner of a particular tournament or championship.

Another popular bet is which of the All Blacks team will be the highest scorer in the match.  Punters can also place bets on matches, which team will be the winner of a match and sportsbooks will publish these odds before the match.

Handicap betting is a popular bet where the favourite gives up points to the underdog, which will even out the odds.

How to Bet on the All Blacks

When it comes to betting on the All Blacks it is quite straight forward, but punters must take into consideration factors such as postponements of matches and consult the sportsbook for their rules.  Punters should also find out if the extra-time is included in the match.

It usually isn’t, but it would be wise for punters to confirm that.  If the draw bet is not offered sportsbooks usually use the extra-time to settle the bet.

Factors to Consider

When punters have chosen their bets there are a few considerations to take into account.  The weather plays a big part in the game of rugby as these matches are played outdoors.

A greasy surface makes handling of the ball difficult and soft ground does not allow for players to break the lines.  It is usually only the better teams that play well on this type of pitch.

If the weather is really bad a decision will be taken to stop the match, which could have implications on bets that have been placed.

The size of the pitch is another consideration, the smaller the pitch the more congestion will occur so there will usually be a lower score as the chances of scoring a try is lower.

All serious All Blacks punters will know the value of studying and researching the team as a whole as well as the team and the way they play together.

Being aware of up to date changes such as injuries will allow a punter to make a well-informed bet.

Although the All Blacks have an excellent track record it is still important for New Zealand punters to research their team and to keep in mind any changes or updates which could affect the outcome of the match.