Online Betting and the AFL – Aussie Football League

Online Betting and the AFL – Aussie Football League

The AFL or Aussie Football League features the most popular sport of this country, with its code dominating the landscape of most of the regions.

Attendance for matches averages around 30 000 people, and this number rises to a staggering 80 000 fans turning out to watch the epic final games which take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The enormous popularity of the AFL means that bookmakers have developed an incredible array of bet types for the games, which allow punters to lay wagers on not only the results of matches, but include exotic wagers that have punters trying to predict who will win the prestigious Brownlow Medal, for example, an honour awarded to the best players in these competitions as each season comes to an end.

Online Betting Types for AFL – Aussie Football League

Online sports betting has enjoyed enormous growth in Australia over the last decade and, as a result of this development, online bookmakers have expanded their Aussie Football League betting services very significantly. The days when punters were restricted to simply wagering on the winners of a game, and the winners of the ultimate prize, the AFL Premiership, are long gone, and there are a number of different types of wagers that punters can now place with ease by means of their smartphones; laptops; tablets or desktop computers totally safely and securely.

Head-head-bets are those in which Australian bookmakers allow players to lay wagers on the odds of an AFL – Aussie Football League team winning a match. Line- and points-betting are probably the most popular wagers for these games, and these have the bookmakers handicapping games by awarding a head start to the underdog. Margin betting options are also widely provided for by Australian bookmakers, and has them offering margins generally of between one and 39 points and more than 40 points per side.

Aussie Football League Exotic Bet Types Online

Aussie Football League games lend themselves very well to exotic bets, with this group of wagers including first scorer; first goal-kicker; and, occasionally, man of the match.

There are two plays which score in AFL games: a goal worth six points, and a behind, worth one point. A super goal, worth nine points, is also available, but is only awarded during pre-season competitions for goals which have been kicked from outside the 50-metre semicircle and these are very rare.

Futures betting options for Aussie Football League games include AFL Premiership betting and Medals betting, and these are able to return big profits to punters who make the correct estimation, thanks to how far in advance the wagers need to be laid.

Australian Rules football games are a wonderful way for fans of the game to get in on the action, and online punters who like backing the favourites will enjoy it particularly, and they do not get rolled as frequently as they do with rugby league games. The analysis of regular-season matches and the satisfaction of managing to predict the Brownlow Medal winner are what keep punters coming back, and the returns have to be seen to be believed.