Get Into the Special Lounge with Premier Roulette

Get Into the Special Lounge with Premier Roulette

Premier Roulette is a version of this classic roulette game that can be played online at most casinos. As the name suggests, it does take online roulette to a new level. It is a European version of the game, which means on the wheel there is just one zero, and not the two zeros of the American version of roulette. The main feature of Premier Roulette is the Change Table customisation option. You can choose a roulette wheel in black or brown, and the felt in the background can be green, red or blue.

Roulette, whether played at a land based casino or online casinos, remains one of the most attractive and popular of all the casino games. It is an easy game to understand and play. There is a betting table, and players place their bets where they think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. Payouts will be determined by the final resting place of the ball, and the variety of bets that you placed.

Winning A Pay-Out Depends On Chance

To win at online roulette NZ will depend on luck, and the spin of the wheel. Players need very little in depth knowledge of the game to play and win. Many casinos offer players a chance to play Premier Roulette for free.

Playing a roulette online casino game is probably one of the games at the top of every player’s list of favourites.  The European version of roulette is the most popular, and the most often played in casinos, is the version used for the Premier Roulette online game

Premier Roulette offers extra betting options which most other versions do not have. Game play is smooth, and the roulette wheel is in 3D, so you do not lose any casino realism.

Plenty of Information on the Screen

When you load Premier Roulette, you will see plenty of information on the screen. The layo0ut of the features and the operating buttons on the screen are arranged in a more ordered pattern. The roulette wheel takes centre stage above the betting table, and the betting racetrack is to the left of the table. The box in the left corner will let you know the speed of the game, and on the right you will see your game history. Betting options are also clearly displayed.

To place a simple bet in Premier Roulette, you only need to select the value of the chip you want to play and then place it in your chosen spot on the table. A More complex bet can be made by checking out the racetrack. Here bets can be made which relate to neighbouring positions on the wheel. For instance, one of the bets is the Voisins De Zero, where you can bet on the sixteen numbers that surround the zero slot. Black and red splits is a bet made on two red/black numbers that occur together on the betting table. There are even more complicated bets in Premier Roulette for you to try, and clicking on the Expert button at the bottom of the screen, and a Call Bets button you will find a few odd bets that you can try. One is called the Snake, which bets on a winding row of numbers, or 007, which includes numbers in the shape of 007. Once your bets have been placed, press Play and watch the ball begin its spin, maybe winning you payouts.

Expert players who want to carry out a detailed analysis of the game will find plenty of information if you click the Statistics button.