Comprehensive Review of Gold Fish Slot

Comprehensive Review of Gold Fish Slot

Gold Fish slot by Williams Interactive is a game which features twenty five paylines and five reels. The graphics in Gold Fish slot are drawn in a fun cartoon style. The colours are very bright and vivid and there is constant animation on the playing screen even when the player is not spinning the reels.

The background for the reels is set deep under the ocean with bubbles, the ocean floor, and slightly murky water. Sun beams cut through the gloom to illuminate four brightly coloured fish. The ocean floor is a mix of sand, rocks and seaweed. Directly behind the reel is are several different animated fish that quietly swim back and forth. These are some of the fish that are also featured on the reel. At the top of the reel is the title of the slot in bright gold embossed letters. Between the title is a smiling golden coloured fish. Behind the title is pink, yellow, orange, red, green and purple coral.

At the bottom of the reel, the player can see lines, feature bet, bet per line, total bet and win all displayed. They are outlined in a turquoise border. The calculation for total bet is give at the bottom as well. This is lines times bet per line plus feature bet equalling the player’s total bet. The spin button is orange with a white, looped arrow. The reel itself is bordered in turquoise with a stark white background.

Dragons Inferno Reel Symbols

The reel in this game features a wide mix of sea creatures and plants as well as tools that one would use in order to take good care of an aquarium. The sea creatures include a green angel fish with pointy dorsal fins, black stripes and a green border, a smiling gold fish with a gold border, a blue fish with black stripes and blue border, a purple and red fish with a purple border, an red clown fish with an red border, a green sea turtle sitting on the ocean floor, and a red sea crustacean in a shell.

There is also a green sea plant sitting in red sand and a bunch of purple, green, red and orange coral sitting in a bunch. Aquarium symbols include a green aquarium net with blue bubbles and green plans along with a blue can of fish food that has a yellow top and purple background.

Bonus Features

If a fishbowl appears during the spins, there is a chance that one of the fish appearing on the reel will jump into it. If the gold fish jumps into it, there is a free spin feature which will be activated. The player then has to pick between five bubbles that will appear on the screen. Depending on which bubble they pick, they will be awarded five, eight, ten, fifteen or twenty spins. They then pick another bubble that will determine their multiplier for the free spins. This will either be 2 times, 3 times, 5 times, 7 times, or 10 times.

There are additional bonus features at popular pokies machines that are activated when the purple, red, green or blue fish jumps into the bowl.