Big Break Online Slots Review

Big Break Online Slots Review

Ask surfers why they surf, and you’re bound to end up with more reasons than you bargained for.  Surfers are passionate about surfing.  They often refer to surfing as a way of life, instead of merely a hobby or enjoyable activity.  It comes as no surprise when considering some of the reasons listed – it’s all about the sun, the salt and the water, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other, you will never forget your very first wave, surfboards are objects of desire – and perhaps my favourite – surfing is the closest we will ever get to walking on water.

Besides the list of positives, there is one other thing that all surfers yearn for – the Big Break.  That one wave that was tailor-made for you; the unmistakeable sensation of the wind and the ocean working together in perfect harmony to create the ideal conditions necessary to create a wall of water ready to carry you into pleasure heaven.  Every surfer waits expectantly for the Big Break.

Big Break is a slot game by Microgaming, and it’s all about the pleasures of surfing.  To add extra charm to the game, the developers have designed the game around life on a tropical paradise, a tropical surfer’s haven.  And the surfers?  The true inhabitants of the island paradise – the animals who live there.

The game features 5 reels and 15 paylines, and includes special features such as the Free Spins Bonus Game and two separate wild symbols.

Big Break Symbols

Indigenous monkeys and the fruit that they enjoy are the stars on the game’s reels.  Macaques, Orang-utans, Gibbons, Lemurs and Gorillas all form part of the cast.  All winnings are awarded in the form of bet multipliers.  Macaques pay out at x3, x5, x75 and x500, depending on the number of Macaques landed on an active payline.  Orang-utans tally in at x3, x15, x100 and x600.  Gibbons will add x3, x15, x150 and x700 of the total bet amount to the kitty.  Lemurs have a top payout of x800 for a combination of 5 in a row, and Gorillas own the top multiplier score – x1000 for 5 Gorillas on any active payline.

The multiplier payouts are a nice addition to the game; it creates a sense of control especially when playing real money casino games.  The higher the bet placed, the more lucrative the payouts, but always play responsibly.

The monkeys are joined on the reels by their favourite treats.  Coconuts, Kiwis, Mangos, Papayas and Bananas make up the lower value paying symbols.

Big Break Slot Symbols

Big Break Free Spins Bonus Game

The Big Break Free Spins Bonus Game is triggered by landing 3 or more of the Munky Wax scatter symbols anywhere on the game’s reels.    15 free spins are initially awarded, but the feature can be re-activated too.

Big Break Wild Symbols

The game moves away from the usual singular wild symbol, and features no less than two separate wild symbols.  The first is the Lucky Break symbol.  All winning combinations completed by the Lucky Break symbol, will pay out at double the bet.

The second is the Big Break symbol.  The Big Break wild symbol will substitute for all of the monkey symbols.